Saturday, November 6, 2010


Watching Gossip Girl since it's second season (I had to backtrack to season one), I've always seemed to have a thing for Serena. She's gorgeous, popular and things always seem to go her way.

But today's been an off day and I realized that I can't relate to Serena at all. Let's all be honest, she has an amazing wardrobe. But for me, that's about where it ends. Oh, and of course the legs and perhaps her hair. I like her hair, I will admit it.

Despite any online quiz that can tell me which character I am most like, I can only hope that reality would agree that my closest match is Blair Waldorf (most ideally from season four). The characters change from season to season, but she never loses that "vintage, crazy-ass Blair" personality. For those of you who are reading this, you probably have seen Gossip Girl or have heard about Blair from a girlfriend, thus, I won't go into detail about her character. Let's think of three words to describe her...I'm going to go with childish, bitchy and regal. How she has that much gumption at 20 is beyond me.

As I sit in my room contemplating how to face the next day, I wonder, what would Blair do? She would probably use her calculated ways to make sure she came out on top and never be seen as the loser. She may whine and bitch from time to time, but that never stops her from trying to make the situation favourable. While I know many people would hesitate to call me confrontational, I seriously hope they don't think I take things lying down. I'd hate to be considered a pushover.

But I suppose Step #1 would be to not give a monkey's uncle about what people think. I will start with that.

As long as I'm not like Vanessa. Vanessa is annoying.


  1. Vanessa gets more and more annoying!

  2. Adorable outfit <3 I can see you wearing something like that : )

  3. haha, that text was entertaining...Vanessa really does get more and more annoying...