Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Favourites

Likas Papaya Soap // Olive Make-up Wipes
Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey // Make Me Star Gel Liner // The Balm Blush in Cabana Boy
The Face Shop Rice Sheet Mask // Forever 21 statement necklace // Laura Secord Mint Chocolates

Likas Papaya Soap - If you're in need of a gentle bar soap that isn't too fragrant, I highly recommend picking up a papaya-based soap. I have very sensitive skin and used to have eczema patches here and there, so I'm always looking for natural ingredients that are known to help heal, soothe and repair skin problems. I don't really notice any "skin-whitening" but that's not why I picked it up anyway. You can usually find bars like these in Filipino food stores. I found mine at an Asian supermarket and was tempted to just stock up on a few. 

Olive Make-up Wipes - I used to use Yes to Cucumber Wipes, but I found that it sometimes dried out my skin, especially around my eyes. Getting tough eye make-up off is the worst so I needed to find a wipe that could do the trick, but not bruise my eyelids or dry out any part of my face. Tada! This one is a lifesaver for the lazy girls out there. You can rest assured that everything will come off (as far as make-up wipes typically go) and your skin will have a nice moisturising layer that you can just pat-in and sleep with. Much like papaya, olive oil is also really great for dry skin.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps - This is by far, the creamiest body butter I've ever tried. It's probably the most luxurious feeling cream that you'll ever slather on your body. Texture aside, the whole reason this tub was on my wishlist was because of it's warm, sugary, coconut smell. If you've ever had a Chinese buttercream bun, with the coconut shavings on the side, this is the non-edible version for your skin. One thing to note is that it doesn't absorb very quickly, so it can leave you feeling greasier than your average lotion.

Make Me Star Gel Liner - There was this huge craze with white waterliners last year (or perhaps the year before that) and I tried to jump on the bandwagon but the products I tried looked like chalk - it just never came out right. So here's the new thing - rose gold eyeliner that does the same thing to wake up your face, but isn't as obvious as a white-out shaded version. I like it a lot. Glides on smooth, lasts all day, and makes Monday mornings look like I already had some caffeine.

The Balm Blush in Cabana Boy - I was taken by the packaging and the colour was a pigmented mauve-y purple with a hint of golden shimmer. That's all I really needed in a blush for January.

The Face Shop Rice Sheet Mask - I have a new obsession with the skin benefits of rice. I've always heard that it helps brighten and exfoliate without being too abrasive. Perhaps it's a psychological thing, but after I put this mask on for 10 minutes, I felt soft and smooth and healthy and nice. I will be re-purchasing a good set of these and pampering myself regularly.

Forever 21 statement necklace - Winter can get really boring with the constant fat, chunky sweaters that we have to pair with other things to avoid looking like cows. Enter the statement necklace. This inexpensive beauty has saved me many times from sporting the too-lazy-to-put-myself-together look. It's the ultimate add-on that can take your outfit from blah to boomshakala.

Laura Secord Mint Chocolates - Ah, chocolates...where would I be without you? Stuck at home? Eat some chocolate. Had a hard day? Eat some chocolate. Hungry and you're too lazy to fix a proper snack? Eat some chocolate. My box is now done. (I apologize for promoting bad eating habits. I know we're all trying with our new year's resolutions, but sometimes you just have to indulge. So #sorrynotsorry.)

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