Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Favourites

Skin and Hair

L'Oreal Nutri-Sleek for Dry, Unmanageable Hair If you have thick, unmanageable long hair, this product will probably save you numerous headaches. I absolutely need some sort of detangler, regardless of which shampoo or conditioner I'm using. I was really excited about the Kerastaste hair oils, but I figured I'd try the less expensive dupe first. It has a really strong, floral scent (reminds me of YSL's Opium perfume), so if you prefer unfragranced, or citrusy smells, this isn't for you. I usually use a few pumps when my hair is damp, comb out, and then blow-dry. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and there's no need to add in anything more until your next wash. Not sure if it's a combination of hair products I'm using, but my hair hasn't been very frizzy or untamed looking since I started using this. ~$8

L'Oreal Volume Collagen Body Boost I ran out of my volumizing hair mousse (which sucked by the way), so I went for a different formula - this time a root lifting spray. It's a stupid reason to be excited about a hair product, but I absolutely love the smell of this thing. It reminds me of passion fruits. I also really appreciate the nozzle which makes spritzing roots a piece of cake. I'll be honest and say that it doesn't give my hair crazy body, but it does help it from becoming lifeless too quickly. I can wash my hair every other day and not worry that I look like I got rained on in between washes. ~$8

The Body Shop Sink-In Moisture Mask Winter calls for extra hydration and this is now my go-to for when my regular face moisturiser isn't cutting it. It's not like other masks, in that you don't have to wipe away any excess product; water nor wash cloths are required. I essentially use it the same way I would use a thick moisturiser, but I don't massage it in all the way. It kind of sinks in on it's own and I find that my skin feels better if I just let it sit first as opposed to when I rub it in for quicker absorption  After one or two uses, my skin is back to normal (plump and healthy) and I can go back to my regular routine. Smells wonderful, like a mixture of tonic water, baby powder, and roses. It has a jelly texture in the tub, but thins out really quickly when you apply it. ~$22

For your insides

BELL Master Herbalist Help for Skin Disorders If you follow my blog and read the When Less is More: Reviewing Your Skincare post, you`ll know that I have challenges with eczema. After seeing a naturopathic doctor and getting accustomed to probiotics, I`m now very much into finding herbal remedies for skin issues. Your skin reflects how healthy you are on the inside, so it makes sense to fix any problems you may have from the inside out. These capsules have really made a difference, getting rid of random flare-ups during the day. My eczema has calmed over the years, but I do get spontaneous red blotches when the air is dry (I think that`s what causes it anyway). Not any more. What really sold me was that it doesn't have your typical eczema-curing ingredients like olive oil, turmeric, or apple cider vinegar. It's entirely made up of grape root extract, bitter sweet extract, sarsaparilla, juniper berries, and neem extract. It was fairly inexpensive considering how much relief it will give you, but if you're taking it steadily, you'll probably be back for another bottle in about a month. ~$25

Emergen-C Those of you who are in Canada are aware that our winter is seriously dragging on, to the point where it depresses you and/or gets rid of your motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Not only has it been hard to stay focused for the past month, it has also been hard to stay sniffle-free. Emergen-C has been getting around a lot, plenty of bloggers have recommended it. It's an easy recco because it tastes great (think of an effervescent vitamin c tablet in a slightly watered down carbonated orange juice) and it really does work. Not only does it fend off colds, it also gives me a rejuvenating boost of energy in the morning. +1 for packaging too! ~$15

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