Sunday, April 15, 2012

H&M's Glamour-Conscious Collection

After collections like Marni for H&M, the affordable, yet stylish brand keeps providing reasons to get excited for future projects.  Partnering up with the new TV series Fashion Star, H&M has again placed itself on the forefront of the fashion-innovation scene.

One of the many things I like about H&M, and it probably is the same for many other women out there, is that even though their brand is doing some highly genius things, they still remain attainable.  One of their best value-adds is the fact that their prices are reasonable (sometimes astonishingly low) and that their products are widely available.  With so many H&M locations, you're bound to be able to find your wishlist of items in stock.  Rarely have I ever gone to an H&M and not found what I was looking for.

Check out their whole evening-wear inspired collection that is not only eco-friendly, but also highly endorsed by celebrities for their glam-factor.  Amanda Seyfried wore my favourite on the red-carpet back in 2011 and I've been wanting it ever since.  Here are some of my other faves.
"We want our customers to feel confident that everything they buy from H&M is designed, manufactured, and handled with consideration for people and environment. The level of social and environmental responsibility we take places H&M's sustainability work at the forefront of the fashion industry globally," says Karl-Johan Persson, ceo at H&M. Among its key achievements to note are: more than 442,000 workers in Bangladesh have been trained on their rights since 2008 by H&M; the label is the number one user of organic cotton in the world; it has saved 300 million litres of water in denim production compared to 2010; and more than 2.3 million garments have been donated to charitable causes by H&M.
- Vogue UK

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