Sunday, April 15, 2012

Miley Cyrus in Emilio Pucci

Hello readers!

There are two things you need to know in order to understand the context of this post: 
1)  Hunger Games is the most popular story circulating these days, except for the revamped 3D version of Titanic.
2)  Miley Cyrus is dating Liam Hemsworth who starred in Hunger Games.  For the record, he should have been in more scenes.

To tie these two thoughts together, I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice Miley looked at the Hunger Games premiere. Now I know that you probably want me to stop right there because she has previously dressed like this:

I realize that she is not in her prime here.

That said, take a look at her Emilio Pucci outfit from the runway.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nicer.  You must agree that this two-piece is blog-worthy.

Also, here's a bonus.

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