Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Dove Fresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo usually comes in a powder format or aerosol can and is made to absorb oil between regular washes so that your hair looks and feels refreshed.  There have been many mornings where I was in a rush and just could not manage to wash and dry my hair before my next appointment, or just times when my hair needed a refresher before a spontaneous outing.  Props to the beauty community for developing a product to tackle these exact issues.

You probably will not see a huge selection of brands with an extension of their own right now, but there are a few forward-thinking drugstore brands that have put some dry shampoos on the shelves already.  Some of them include Suave, TRESemm√©, and Dove.  Of course, you can also try the more expensive brands like Bumble and Bumble, but I look to dry shampoo as a convenient alternative to hair washing, which means an affordable price.

I have previously tried the TRESemm√© dry shampoo and I can't say that it's my favourite, but it does give my hair a refreshing scent.  In all honesty, my hair feels pretty gross by the end of the day and I seriously consider never using it again.

I started hearing really good things about the Dove version, so I decided to give it a try.  If I were to rate this product based on size, price, and performance (both look and feel), I would give it a 9.  It has a really nice, feminine smell, makes your hair feel lighter and its regular price is only $6.  I got it on sale for around $3.  You can't go wrong with $3.

Or so I thought.  I used this baby a total of two times before the can was empty.  At first, I thought that the can was damaged, but then I did some research and discovered that many other people have had this problem.  Here are some YouTube comments from warmvanillasugar0823's channel.

i bought this dry shampoo... and i like it, the smell, volume is ok, but it doest leave a sticky residue in your hair... downfall, is it me or does it seem like after 1-2 uses, the can seems close to empty? i threw one can away thinking it was a defect, bought my 2nd one yesterday, used it, used it again this morning and i swear the can feels 75% lighter! like i had been using it for 3-4 wks! i dont get that with my psst dry shampoo. it only costs $5, but still!
I agree I think im going to try one more bottle and then ditch it if it happens again because my bf used it try it out, and It felt full then I checked it the next day it was empty, and i had only tried a bit on one strand on myself I blamed him, and he sweared it wasnt him. I loved the bottle, the smell, and the way my hair felt.. such a waste of a good product =(
I do not appreciate having to wonder where my product went after only two uses.  This shouldn't even be a concern unless it's a tester.  And for that reason, I give this product a 0 on a scale of 1-10.  Hopefully, Dove takes this highly important concern into consideration and fixes the problem.  Until then, I might as well stick with simple baby powder.

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