Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soap Squares

Tired of using the same bar of hand soap?  So was I.

This mini project came about simply because I was getting bored of my hand soap (it takes so long to use up and I don't like what it looks like when it's halfway there) and I wasn't ready to hide or throw away the soap dish that matched the rest of my bathroom accessories.  I was this close to buying something from Bath and Body Works (their soaps always smell so good!), but then I stumbled upon this cute DIY idea from Blair Fowler, juicystar07.

It's the most basic idea.  You take your favourite bars of soap.  You put them on a cutting board.  You cut them into cubes.  You arrange them on a soap dish.  You use.

SO SIMPLE.  And what's great is that a) you get a variety of colours and smells and b) your guests can pick a different one each time too.

Happy lathering.

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