Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Throw Some Buttons On It

Blazers are timeless pieces that pretty much go with everything. I love dressing them up to be more than just a simple basic and there is one really easy way you can do it.

Switch out those buttons.

Typically, basic blazers come with plain, solid coloured, plastic buttons.  While this gives the blazer a casual feel, sometimes you want a little more. Sometimes you want a piece to dress things up a bit.  Other than tailoring, buttons are the simplest way to make your blazer your own.

Take below for example.  Simple enough. Regular blazer, regular satin lining.

But then BAM.  Look at those beauties. I love the half nautical, half collegiate feel that these ones brought to my relatively inexpensive blazer. Blazers that come with buttons that are not simple plastic usually go for around $70+.  Got this bad boy for something like $50.


I personally like when the buttons are a complementary colour to the blazer fabric, but they can also look equally as nice if they are the same shade and embossed.

I challenge you to find a blazer that has blah buttons and sew some fancy into it instead.

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