Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clean Body & Mind Plan

Hello readers!

I've been good with my diet and exercise routine recently! Since I started juicing, I feel so much lighter. Not in the sense of physical weight, I haven't lost any pounds. But internally. Both mentally and physically, I feel better. The combination of creating healthy and realistic sleep, diet, and exercise routines has really made an impact.

In light of all this change, I thought it would be nice to create a written plan of how I intend to keep a clean body and mind. For those of you who are readers of Elle & Blair, you'll know where this came from.

I tag you to make one for yourself!

For The Clean Body

For The Clean Mind


  1. Haven't checked out Elle and Blair before... thanks for the recco :)

    Omg surrendering caffeine?! good luck!

    1. Not ENTIRELY surrendering caffeine! I guess I could have been more clear. "Severely cutting back on" is more accurate.

  2. wowza you are ambitious! i think i would completely shut down and cease to operate without 1, 5, and the second 2. keep us posted on how it goes..

  3. I love this post!!!