Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Favourites

Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream Moisturizer Every girl needs a spring and summer scent. Mine is peach. Ever since falling in love with Sephora's Apricots and Cream moisturizer, I had to find a lotion that hydrated my skin well and still had a long-lasting peach smell. This one is great if you love the smell. The pluses? It'll keep you moisturised for more than 24 hours (you'll still feel it when you jump in the shower the next day), it isn't heavy at all since it has a watery consistency, and oh, it smells great. Some downsides are that it isn't fast absorbing, you have to leave it on your skin for a little bit, and that it's pricier than your average lotion. Though, I find that it has some great benefits with the alpha hydroxy ingredient.
  • improves even severely dry skin
  • helps unblock & cleanse pores
  • speeds up the exfoliation process
  • allows new healthy skin cells to emerge
  • reduces discolouration and age spots
Alpha Hydroxy Acids are all natural, safe and gentle substances found in fruits and sugar cane. This 4% AHA moisturizer is recommended for daily use on the face or body.Whole Foods ~$15

Johnson's Honey Apple Baby Lotion I didn't stop at one spring lotion. This one smells like organic red delicious apples and it's wonderful. The fact that it's gentle enough for a baby really draws me in. I love being able to grab a lotion that smells great and won't irritate my skin. I love to use this after a long bath in the night time, just when I'm winding down to sleep. Maybe it's a psychological thing, but it's comforting to use. Shoppers Drug Mart ~$8

Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 5 I had my makeup done recently and discovered that the left side of my face is darker than the right side. This is all due to driving in the sun, where most of the sunlight is hitting my face through the driver's side window. Huge disappointment, but it makes me glad that I bought some facial sunscreen now that the weather is warming up. I already use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, so I figured I would just buy the sunscreen instead of purchasing a whole new moisturizer with built-in SPF. Besides, this is apparently a customer favourite. It has a water consistency that makes it really easy to apply before any makeup hits your face. The non-greasy formula is definitely a plus too because I hate feeling like my face is hidden behind oil, dirt, makeup, etc. Point being that my face still feels fresh even after I apply a layer of sunscreen (which almost never happens with other brands I've used before). Kiehl's ~$42

Lavender and Vanilla 3-wick Candle Aromatherapy? Yes. Smells good? Yes - a gentle lavender scent that is reminiscent of clean laundry. Not like cotton, just like a lavender fabric softener. Enough fragrance to fill a room? Yes. Long-lasting? Yes. A strong recommendation for someone who is looking for a "wind-down and relax me" candle. Bath & Body Works $20

Eucerin Aquafor I've been battling with this irritating eczema patch right above my lips for a long long time. I've heard of this product for years but never really sought it out. I've been missing out. This is great for flareups, when your skin decides to get really hot and then red and then dry. It also works great as a lip balm. I would suggest that whatever you're using Vaseline for, substitute it for this. It will calm down redness and smooth out the texture of the eczema patches overnight. One thing to remember is that it doesn't absorb right away, so it'll look a little greasy upon application (like a Kiehl's/Carmex lipbalm). Not that you'll really care at that moment when you're looking to calm a flareup. Shoppers Drug Mart ~$12

SBT Seabuckthorn Soothing Salve Certain parts of my face are really dramatic and decide to flush whenever they want. At these points in time, I usually go looking for something cold to put on my face - cold hands, cold water, ice cubs - anything to soothe it. This salve works really well for immediate relief. It has a balmy texture that sits almost like a wax in the tin, but warms up when you rub it between your fingers. Once applied, it'll appear a little bit like Vaseline, but that shine goes away pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with rosacea or any other type of red, inflamed skin. It does have a slight medicinal smell, but nothing irritating. One other thing to note is that I find this to be a temporary relief product. It hasn't decreased the frequency of my flareups, but in conjunction with a long-term solution, it can really do wonders. Whole Foods ~18

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