Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1st Annual Halal Food Festival

This past weekend, I was invited to attend the first ever Halal Food Fest. I may not be Muslim, but it was nice to see the entire community take part in the culture. I personally love attending culture shows, regardless of who is hosting. You're always bound to find or learn something new.
As you can see, the swag and promo materials were really cute.

I'm not sure whether the left or right is my favourite. They're both gorgeous cakes.

Adorable coin bags, wallets and lunchbags.

Probably my favourite vendor: Be-Licious. They had amazing original scented soaps, perfumes, and other bath products. The owner was super sweet too. It was hard to show restraint and not buy everything.

Best snack. I'm going to be honest and say that I ate most of my food samples before I could take a picture...

Some of the stuff from my goodie bag. I purchased the cleansing oil and can't wait to try it out.

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