Monday, August 27, 2012

The Eat Pray Love Wardrobe

It's been a long time since its release, but I finally got around to seeing Eat Pray Love the other day. If you're a travel lover or Julia Roberts fan like me, you probably have already watched this movie. Either way, I'm curious whether or not you enjoyed it. Reviews weren't all that, but it was like travel therapy for me because  I'm just craving to explore new places.

Currently working out the items I'll be taking with me on a European vacation and I found that her wardrobe was an excellent inspiration. Let's be frank here, I won't be dressing for the runway at the airport for fear of layering on what bitches wear at the airport. I also won't be dressing for the runway when I'm hiking through ruins or anxiously trying to absorb as much of Rome as I possibly can within the time I have. All of her outfits are ready-to-wear but still pretty. Perhaps it's a matter of opinion, but I didn't find any of her outfits bland. Or maybe Juila Roberts just wears everything nicely.

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Now I'm psyched to start putting together some outfits with this inspiration in mind. So, key points? Comfort, practicality and a hint of romance. 

Throw on a khaki anorak/jacket and BAM. All set.

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