Sunday, March 31, 2013

Drugstore Makeup Review: Wet N Wild Lipsticks and NYC Colour Wheel

Like the average consumer, I appreciate a good deal. These are all seriously bomb for their price. Each lipstick was around $2 and the Mosaic Face Powder was around $5. They were all impulse buys, but seriously, can you go wrong with $9? No, you really can't, unless it gives you a rash.

Black Orchid on the left, Dark Wine on the right.
Your lips need to be smooth and hydrated prior to application, otherwise this lipstick has a tendency of staying in creases. Their pigments are great though! One or two strokes and it's a wonderfully solid, silk finish. Lasting power isn't their strong point, you'll need to apply throughout the day, especially after eating anything (although it will leave a stain). That said, my favourite thing about these are their colours. The dark plums are absolutely perfect. Black Orchid has that ideal red undertone, and Dark Wine is a daring, but not-crazy magenta. They don't smell like anything, for those of you who are weary of fragranced lip products, and I wouldn't say they're drying. I would recommend using a lip balm beforehand though (as I would with any lip colour).

The Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in All Over Bronze Glow (724) is an inexpensive alternative to my Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer ($51). It's the most uncomplicated bronzer - it's matte, subtle, and has a plastic casing so it's not heavy to carry around with you.  I've tried to use the lighter powder in the mix for a highlighter, but it ends up looking whiter than I want it to. I think it will require more experimentation to get this right. Though, if you take a good swirl of all the shades, you'll get a nice glow. Plus it lasts all day.

Absolutely love these three. Will definitely try Wet N Wild's and NYC's other products now. So excited to pick up a few more lipsticks!


  1. Nice review! I'm looking for a decent new bronzer at the moment, might have to give this one a go!

    Thanks for your comment :)
    Helen at

    1. Physicians Formula is also an inexpensive alternative. They have matte and iridescent options.

      Let me know how it goes!