Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Favourites

Not that many this month, but I've been trying out a few new products for the past week and I am 99% sure they will make it to my April favourites! Just want to make sure they prove to be recommendation-worthy after a longer period of time.

Life brand hair towel I used to depend on a regular towel to wrap my hair after a shower, but it's always been cumbersome and heavy. I didn't think the hair towel was really that big a deal, but since I put it in the wash, I've missed it. It has literally changed how I feel about washing my long, thick, heavy hair. In fact, I look forward to it because my wet hair no longer weighs me down. It might look a little weird at first, but it's super easy to use. Just bring your hair over in front of your face, drape the hooded part over your head, twist the remaining section with your wet hair, and button it back. It's pretty much how you would wrap your hair with a towel, except it stays put with a button closure. (If you're wondering what it looks like, it's the cloth that all the other products are laying on.) Life brand is only sold at Shoppers Drug Mart. ~$8

Balea Cooling Lotion Spring is finally here which means that I'm going to be shaving more often. I absolutely can't stand razor burn and razor bumps. I tend to get the bumps on the back of my thighs, but this cooling lotion can be used every where, it's definitely gentle enough. As can be expected, it is cool on application and rubs in like a gel lotion. It smells like Gillette shaving cream, so kind of masculine, but it goes away shortly after application (I think it's kind of refreshing anyway. Not everything has to smell like flowers). If you happen to knick yourself while shaving, be a little cautious because it tends to sting for a bit. Shoppers Drug Mart~$8

Ombrelle Face SPF Stick Sunscreen is for winners. I usually can't handle regular cream sunscreens on my face, but I found this little wonder that makes application a breeze. Just swipe on, like you would a concealer stick, and then blend in all over like a face primer. I'll be looking for a moisturiser with built-in SPF soon, so I may not repurchase, but in the mean time, this is doing a great job and I highly recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. Shoppers Drug Mart ~$30

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick in Dark Wine So it's kind of late to be wearing dark lipsticks. OH WELL. I only recently discovered this and I'm going to wear it as often as I can because it's beautiful and it doesn't make me look like a vamp. Plus, hello, it is only like $2. Walmart ~$2

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick in Black Orchid Same goes for this one, which is an even darker colour. I'll be writing a review on these two shortly. Can't get enough. I wore it to the Rihanna Diamonds World Tour this February too and it looked so great! Walmart ~$2

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