Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tea Time


Lemon, ginger or Goji berry teas. I really enjoy buying dried goji berries and steeping them in the tea instead of using tea bags. There are plenty of detox teas that you can buy from your local grocery store, but just be wary of taste. Sometimes they taste awful and therefore you'll never be able to make a habit of drinking it. If you're looking to make your own from scratch, look for ingredients that are known for their anti-oxidants, like goji berries.

Relaxing Mid-Day (Essentially, the teas to drink when you just want to enjoy something flavourful. It serves no health purpose.)

Chai and Genmaicha. Tea India has amazing instant chai mixes. Plenty of Indian families make chai from scratch and it's absolutely delicious, but it takes time and attention to make properly. If you want chai, but you won't be home to make it, I strongly recommend Tea India's products. I took a picture of my faves on Instagram. Gen Mai tea is the one I go to if I don't want anything milky or sweet. It's a Japanese roasted rice tea and it has a smooth, buttery, popcorny flavour. I know, buttery tea sounds kind of gross, but not when you're talking about a green tea. Genmaicha isn't very herbal, and it doesn't taste like oolong or like other green teas. It has a distinct taste of its own. If you're a green tea lover, you have to try this at some point.

Sleep improvement

Everyone has heard of chamomile, but I don't like it. It's too floral. Bell's Sleep Improvement tea is a great alternative. Chamomile is an ingredient, but it isn't overwhelming. It has valerian root which is often used to treat insomnia. Works like a charm. You have to give it an hour or so to kick in, but you'll feel it and then, bam, good night's sleep.

Current favourite

Hong Kong style milk tea. Hot or cold. I used to get it from bubble tea stalls, but then I found this gem of a tea mix in a grocery store (Sunny's, for those of you in Toronto). Now I'm making it almost every day, and I'm so impressed that I can make it myself.

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