Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breaking in New Shoes

Recently bought an adorable pair of flats for an equally likeable price.  And so, I decided to wear them in one fine sunny morning, only to handicap myself for the rest of the day.  These shoes cut like a knife.  Worst experience that I've ever had with a pair of new shoes, and they weren't even high heels.

I have to admit that I was silly for not trying to break them in at home.  Normally, I would just throw on a pair of thin socks and lounge around before wearing them out, but I tried to take the shortcut and ended up really unhappy about it :-(.

Even if your shoes seem perfect after you've purchased them, I would still take precaution.  Do yourself a favour and avoid excruciating and needless pain by packing these two things:
  1. Band-Aids.  At least four.  I had bruises on either side of my ankle/heel.
  2. A spare pair of shoes.  Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats are EXCELLENT.  And although you can't walk in them outdoors for too long, they make great substitutes if you're indoors or just at a party when your feet begin to rebel at your high heels.
Or you can just find someone willing to carry you around if you can no longer bear the pain...

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