Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Looks for Less: How to Dress like Rihanna

Image via Kiss 92.5

Take a note from her team: "We're going for an easygoing, stripped-down thing that's not too showy, because we're doing these small shows," Ottenberg tells E! News. "It's really just sort of inspired by her jet-set lifestyle." This post in particular will focus on what she wore to her performance in Toronto during the 777 Tour.

It's Toronto, so you're going to have to cozy up if you're planning to Rihanna-it-up this season. Make sure you have a warm jacket, like this Ecote Faux Leather Sleeve Surplus Jacket ($99 from Urban Outfitters) - the leather detailing really helps since Riri luxes out her ensembles with black leather all the time.

Secondly, Riri has a thing for bustiers. So far, from what I've seen, she's worn either a bustier or crop top to every performance on her 777. ASOS has some great ones, like this Corset Top With Sporty Strap Back ($40.26 from Her bustiers are usually not very lacy, frilly or feminine. They're a stripped down, Calvin Klein underwear sort of look. If you can score a black (faux) leather one, extra points to you. She wore one in Stockholm, as seen here:

Image via Urban Belle

Last, but not least, add some baggy pants. Wasn't a huge fan of the cropped cargo-looking pants she wore in Toronto, but I do dig the baggy look.  The joggers featured on the far right ($29.80 from Forever XXI) do the trick and still keep you classy. Can't go wrong with comfort.

Don't forget your red lipstick and claw-like acrylics. Then you're done.

No wait - shine bright like a diamond.

Now we're done.

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