Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goji Berry Tea

Hello readers!

Goji berries are wonderful, little bits of joy used in East Asian food and medicine. It's an excellent addition to your diet; helping eyesight, protecting the liver, and boosting immune function.  Of course, they have high antioxidant qualities as well, so get-to-eating!

You can eat them like berries (they're usually dried), or you can steep them in tea like I do (it's so refreshing!).  They taste a little like dried cranberries on their own, but they lose some of their sweetness and tang in tea.  Pick up a packet of these at any Chinese supermarket.

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  1. The Zara sandals are actually quite comfortable despite the lack of support, though I can't say I can last all day in them haha.

    Goji berries are awesome. Where'd you get that teapot?