Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beyonce's Tumblr

Beyonce recently launched her own Tumblr and there are already comments about her taking over the Internet (just Google "Beyonce and the Internet" and you'll know what I mean).  She already has three million-and-something followers on Twitter, a.k.a an immense influence on people that now will extend beyond music and videos, into the social media realm.  But honestly, I'm really excited to see her connect with fans in a different way.  Nicki Minaj almost spams my feed on Twitter and Rihanna has been known to post some saucy pictures over her network of fans as well.  With Beyonce sharing intimate, classy, and inspiring photos, I'm looking forward to seeing some more refreshing celebrity content online.

I admit it.  I am biased.  Beyonce is probably one of my all-time favourite artists.  But it is without a doubt that bloggers all over the world (including myself) will be heading to her new page for inspiration.

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