Friday, April 6, 2012

Nice Nails You Got There...

Hello readers!

I know that the nail art obsession has been around for a while now (FASHION Magazine even has their own Nail Corner), but I thought, it's never too late to blog about something that is still current and still pretty.

I wish that I had the patience to do nail art of my own, but a) I tend to break my nails ALL the time and b) I smudge them too.  I either need to go looking for some super-fast drying nail polishes, or I need to dedicate time to doing nothing else but sitting still.

That said, I've come across a few masters of this art and really wanted to share some of my favourites.  Obviously, my collection of favourites is far greater than the few I post here.  It would be impossible to share them all, but this provides an excellent opportunity to go hunting for your own.

Iiiiitty bitty Pikachus!  Pikachu Nails by PAN LOVES POLISH

Look at that intricacy...By polishedesigns

Vintage free-hand roses by polishedesigns
By Get Nailed

And to end things off, I wanted to feature one of my favourite nail art tutorials by the wonderful AndreasChoice.

Despite my handicap, I encourage you to try a new design!  Happy painting!

P.S.  Been seeing a lot of neon nails recently and they remind me of summer.  YAY SUMMER.

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