Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Pyjama Trend

Pyjamas.  They're cute.  I sleep in them.  I lounge around in them.  That's about the extent of my experience.

But thanks to designers like Stella McCartney, they're showing up on runways and at celeb-worthy special events.  I'm apprehensive about wearing pyjama-styled outfits myself anywhere past my doorstep, but at the same time, the silky, relaxed appearance makes me think that this style can be pulled off elegantly if done right.

Recently, Rihanna stepped out for the Japan Battleship premiere, sporting not only a new hairdo, but also an amazing Emilio Pucci pyjama suit.
I think she looked gorgeous and liked in particular that she paired the outfit with tan sandals.  I would have expected gold or bronze, but the tan worked quite nicely I think.

Looking at a capture of just the jacket, I think Emilio Pucci's design would look equally as stunning (and definitely more wearable) if it was paired with a dark bottom.  Works both ways actually; the pant looks like it could also be elegant and stylish with a tucked in, simple tank or blouse.

Rihanna's style is becoming more and more impressive.  Can't wait to see what trend she sports next.

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  1. hahahahah!!!!i love it! i didn't know you blogged! brown and in town?! dude. if you're any more clever i'll have to tweet you too. but g+ is my social medium of choice :D