Friday, December 7, 2012

The Fitting Room Evaluation

As said by Derick Chetty in the Toronto Star, "The change rooms in cheap-and-chic retailers are often chambers of horror — the size of a broom closet, with curtains for doors that never remain closed, pins and labels on the floor, poor lighting and mirrors outside the cubicle that force shoppers to pose in front of strangers."

This holiday season, you're probably out buying gifts for everyone else. But for that special present to yourself, here is the low-down on what's behind fitting room doors. Your time is precious, don't waste in a space that will make you feel awful.


  1. oh god I know... my number one pet peeve is fitting rooms that dont have a mirror inside. I cannot properly evaluate an outfit with people around...

  2. I run out for like a solid 30 seconds and run back inside.